I have over seven years of experience in product and software development, 3D modeling, branding, and communications. My diverse background allows me to collaborate on all stages of the design process while working with different stakeholders and team members to create functional and enjoyable user experiences.
What I offer
Fast learner. I'm a great student. Learning is fun for me.

Pro-active. When I see room for improvement I will comment on it.

I guard the pixel grid with my life.

My brain is wired for analytical thinking. It also means I take too much time writing long emails. But who doesn’t, right?

I will never lose a file. Ever. Organizing is my obsession. 

I like to voice my thoughts and discuss creative ways to make our work effective and enjoyable.
What I'm looking for
Either directly or indirectly your mission should be to make this world a better place. It would be my dream to join a team that has social, cultural, scientific, or environmental causes behind them. I want to leave a better world for the next generation.

Respect for work and time balance. My hobbies bring joy to my life and make my work better.

Flexibility and adaptability are a must. I would like to join a team that is not afraid to change and improve when better processes become available. I believe in collaborative teamwork.
Keep in touch
If you wish to contact me you can send me an email at melissagv@me.com
My time zone is Pacific Standard Time (GMT-7).
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