Last week we had a national holiday in Mexico and decided to go visit our neighbor state, Durango. To get there you need to drive across the mountains in a dangerous road where cars are passing each other in curves, bridges, and tunnels. In this road, you will find one of the most representative icons…

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Going to Singapore was a very nice surprise, it came out of nowhere. I had no plan whatsoever to travel at the end of 2018. You can imagine the happiness I felt when I learned that my new job was going to fly me to Singapore.

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About Me

Hello and welcome to Melissa Gutiérrez Design. This is a place to express your opinion and engage in conversation about a variety of topics. While this website works as my Portfolio, my Blog is a personal space where I share my thoughts on design, art, and books. Why am I spending my time on a…

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People ignore design that ignores people.
Frank Chimero