UI proposal for Spotify

Have you ever been abroad maybe as an exchange student or a business person traveling for more than 14 days? Then you know how much Spotify hates you. You are listening to your playlists and then Spotify logs you out of your device. You can’t sing in. You don’t even know why. And then you…

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About Me

Hello and welcome to Melissa Gutiérrez Design. This is a place to express your opinion and engage in conversation about a variety of topics. While this website works as my Portfolio, my Blog is a personal space where I share my thoughts on design, art, and books. Why am I spending my time on a…

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People ignore design that ignores people.
Frank Chimero

Kakeibo: Become mindful of your budget.

Kakeibo (家計簿) translates to Household account book. It’s a Japanese method of keeping track of your budget while becoming more mindful of how you spend it. First, some history. After the second world war, woman’s education was a controversial topic. The Meiji government had adopted the idea of a male-centered authoritarian family system. The philosophy…

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